Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:41:25

TRAFXS Systems - System Administration

System Administration

TRAFXS System Administration Solution

The TRAFXS security facility permits the system administrator to flexibly restrict programs to those users (or groups of users) who require access. This is accomplished by definition of 'security groups', into which any number of users may be enrolled. A user may be a member of any number of groups.
The TRAFXS menu facility, a three-level tree structure, can be customized for any user. Each menu entry may be restricted (by the system administrator) to a single group or user; individuals without access never see the menu selection on their screen.
Users may define sequences of reports (with pre-determined sort and selection parameters) that they wish to repeatedly execute. Simply requesting a report sequence (represented by a six-character code) and a destination (print) device can trigger a sequence of several reports comprised of hundreds of pages.
Data archiving and purging is also completely under the control of the system administrator. Historical information in different subsystems can be independently purged through a limiting date. Audit trails are automatically printed for all purged records.

Additional Features

  • Security group and menu definition listings which may be produced in varied formats. These documents assist the system administrator, and simplify integration of new applications into the TRAFXS system.
  • Report dictionary maintenance and list facilities, which permit the systems administrator to add new reports into the TRAFXS system. Only reports in the dictionary may be included within a user-defined sequence.
  • Print devices may be added and/or re-configured at any time by the system administrator. Newly-added devices automatically appear in device menus when a report (sequence) is requested by an operator.