Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:41:22

TRAFXS Systems - Rebates


TRAFXS Rebates Solution

Market conditions occasionally soften rack prices; when this occurs, customers may negotiate rebates with the supplier. TRAFXS supports a comprehensive rebate subsystem, including the ability to divert rebates to brokers.
Rebates may be flexibly defined. A single rebate may encompass activity on several contracts, and may be comprised of several 'items'. Each rebate item identifies an effective period, and a set of products, locations, and terms.
When processing rebates (generally at month-end), all invoiced transactions generated during the month are examined to determine if they can be classified under the terms of a rebate. Terms may be manually overridden, to allow for shortage and other exception conditions.
Each rebate issued generates a credit memo; these are later automatically posted to accounts receivable, with their complete detail automatically posted to the general ledger.

Additional Features

  • The ability to designate special terms for a portion of the month, and optionally provide those terms to sales associated with a single contract only.
  • Batch calculation of rebates, normally done at month-end. The rebate calculation report prints the results of these computations. The actual rebate awarded may be manually overridden.
  • Rebate detail report, which lists all transactions determined to be rebate-eligible for each individual contract.
  • Rebate statement, which summarizes the set of rebate-eligible transactions for each contract, displays the actual rebate awarded on an item-by-item basis, and provides overall rebate totals.
  • Assignment of credit memo numbers for rebate statements; balances on these statements are automatically updated to accounts receivable. An rebate register provides the required audit trail.
  • Automatic update of rebate transaction detail to the general ledger. A G/L distribution report, which serves as an audit trail for these journals, is produced as part of rebate processing.
  • Rebate history reports, which extract and print rebate information, on either a detailed or summary level, for historical periods.