Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:41:16

TRAFXS Systems - Pricing


TRAFXS Pricing Solution

Price tables are supported for multiple pricing entities. Prices for specific products may vary by location.
Posting of prices takes place on an as-needed basis. Prices may be specified as explicit values, or as changes to the prior posted price. Retroactive price changes are permitted, and pricing of individual products may easily be discontinued at a specific location.
New prices may be posted several times within a single day. When invoicing, both the lift date and time are used to determine the price in effect at the (date and) time of sale.
An effectiveness-limiting date and time may be indicated when posting prices. Transactions whose lift date/time occurs later than the indicated date/time are flagged during invoice processing.

Additional Features

  • Optional selection of six 'standard' products per pricing entity. Standard products are priced very quickly over a set of locations.
  • Maintenance of gravity tables in conjunction with crude pricing methods.
  • Price worksheets may be printed before, during, or after actual price posting. This permits the report to be employed as an input, edit, or audit document.
  • Price lists may be configured to include estimated discounts and/or superfund levies.
  • Comprehensive on-line price history, which may be requested from several places within the TRAFXS application. This powerful facility provides four types of information:
  • Complete price history for a specific product/location
    • List of prices of a specific product at all locations
    • List of prices of all products at a single location
    • List of prices of a specific product in a geographic region
  • Flexible, easy-to-learn, price formula syntax. Formulas may be used during contract entry for product prices, differentials, and exchange contract settlement terms.