Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:40:18

TRAFXS Systems - Company Overview

Company Overview

What we do...

TRAFXS Systems is dedicated to the continued development, installation, and maintenance of integrated software applications for the petroleum industry. We provide a complete suite of accounting and operational applications, consulting, project management, installation, maintenance, and system integration services.
TRAFXS Systems actively markets TRAFXS, a fully-integrated product movement and accounting system developed specifically for the oil industry. TRAFXS stands for Trading, Refining, Airline Fuel eXchange System. The applications have been in operation since 1990 in the refining and marketing segment of the oil industry.
TRAFXS runs in any UNIX-compatible environment, with either character-based or graphic (X-Windows) clients. The applications are written in 4C, a powerful UNIX-based fourth-generation development language.

Our Focus and Objectives

The market for the TRAFXS application suite includes refining and marketing organizations, traders, gas distribution and crude operations organizations. the company's stated goals include increasing the scope of our existing application set to provide a broader customer base in the oil industry.
The TRAFXS Systems project team is highly focused and dedicated to the continued development of TRAFXS and its related support organizations.

Who we are...

TRAFXS Systems has over 80 years of combined experience in systems development, project management, installation, maintenance, and system integration activity. The organization believes in the importance of a string, dedicated project team whose goals are to assist organizations in streamlining their data processing operations while utilizing the most advanced tools in the market.


  • Dennis Noon