Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:40:58

TRAFXS Systems - General Ledger

General Ledger

TRAFXS General Ledger Solution

The TRAFXS General Ledger subsystem is completely integrated with several other subsystems within the application, including Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Rebates, and Exchanges. Transactions are moved to the general ledger only after both a detail and summary list of the journal are printed.
The General Ledger subsystem supports complete multi-company and intercompany accounting. Reports (including financial statements) may be produced for a single company, multiple companies, or a consolidation of multiple companies.

General Ledger Account Code's Four Segments

  • Company - 2 characters
  • Major - 2 characters, e.g. Sales, Purchases
  • Intermediate - 4 characters, e.g. Location
  • Detail - 4 characters, e.g. Product
Both dollar and volume accounting are supported within the package. Accounts requiring volume retention are flagged.
The G/L subsystem contains a fixed-assets accounting package, which supports several depreciation methods (straight line, declining balance, double declining balance, and MACRS). The package also includes a very flexible G/L coding structure for assets, deprecation allowances, and depreciation expenses.

Additional Features

  • Automatic reversing journal entries from prior periods. Typing the same journal entry twice, in separate periods, is no longer necessary.
  • A flexible 4-year fiscal calendar, during which all data retained is available for inquiry or reports in both detail and summary form.
  • Prior period adjustments, even to periods in a prior calendar or fiscal year, may be posted at any time.
  • Extensive inquiry facilities, allowing the user to review monthly balances, budget values, and transaction detail for any requested account.
  • All data stored within the G/L system is available to the Financial Report Writer package, regardless of period, account, or transaction type.