Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:40:53

TRAFXS Systems - Financial Report Writer

Financial Report Writer

TRAFXS Financial Report Writer Solution

The Financial Report Writer gives TRAFXS users the ability to design and print columnar reports based on the general ledger. Reports may be printed for any month, quarter, or year in the 4-year fiscal calendar.
Standard column headings are determined by the program, but may be overridden when designing the report. Reported columns may contain general ledger balances (dollars or volume), budget values (also dollars or volume), percentages, variances, totals, or other calculations.
Reports can consolidate values for any of the four general ledger account segments (company, major, intermediate, and detail). This feature permits the report designer to easily merge, for example, multiple companies, multiple locations within a single company, or multiple products within a single location.
Report definitions are saved for repeated use. An error-checking facility examines reports for definition problems.
Users may define (and retain) sequences of financial reports that they wish to repeatedly execute. Simply requesting a report sequence and a destination (print) device can trigger the production of several financial reports.

Additional Features

  • Flexible, user-defined heading and footing lines which frame each page of a financial report. Headings may contain information determined at run time, e.g. month name, quarter.
  • Complete user control over placement and width of columns, precision of calculated fields, and the format of headings and sub-totals. This enables presentation-quality financial reports to be produced in virtually any layout desired.
  • Utilities which promote simple report construction, including the ability to quickly copy and modify existing report definitions.