Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:34:16

TRAFXS Systems - Approach

Our Approach to Solving Data Processing Problems


Welcome to TRAFXS. We develop and implement computer systems that provide tremendous benefits to our petroleum-industry clients. In this brochure, we introduce some very special application software, describe some of the functionality of these applications, and identify several of their more prominent features.
We also hope to convey the more subtle benefits of TRAFXS. Our development tools, our overall approach to user satisfaction, and our determination that your investment with TRAFXS will be protected, will grow along with your company, and will provide service for many years to come.
We appreciate any time you spend evaluating how TRAFXS can solve the data processing challenges in your organization.

User Orientation

Our entire approach is geared toward satisfying the needs of the people we serve; making their workdays more productive, and their jobs easier to perform. Our application integration philosophy allows individuals, departments, and even company divisions to work together more efficiently, accurately, and productively.

Application Maintenance

Most of the cost of software applications occurs not during their purchase or development, but during their lifetime of use. The problems that software is designed to solve often change, and so the software must change as well. We have solved this classic dilemma in two distinct ways.
First, our applications are parameter-driven. Very little is hard coded into a program. For example, adding new payment codes, locations, and prices involves nothing more that entering data into a table. This flexible design philosophy has evolved through years of experience in development of vertical applications.
Second, our applications have been developed using a unique 4th-generation language that reduces the labor involved in software maintenance and enhancements as much as 80%.
TRAFXS provides its clients with source code and our complete development environment. We continue to work in conjunction with your data processing staff to ensure quality support of the applications and users.


These tools allow us to take advantage of `open' systems and to easily migrate our software between platforms. Currently, TRAFXS runs in any UNIX, MS-Windows terminal emulation, or X-Windows environment without changing the source material. The development tools are kept up to date so the applications themselves can benefit from new hardware, software, database and network technology.
Portability is a fundamental factor in protecting the investment made in software and data. Our development tools are moving into the future with Windows/95, Windows/NT, and ODBC. TRAFXS clients can mix and match applications servers, database servers, client/server configurations, and dumb terminals.

Features, Features, Features . . . .

Read on! These applications have a lot to offer. While we can't possibly present the whole system here, we have provided a comprehensive overview. In addition, we welcome opportunities for software customization and development of new or related applications. Remember, our objective is user satisfaction!