Last Published: 12/05/2006 09:40:35

TRAFXS Systems - Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

TRAFXS Accounts Receivable Solution

The TRAFXS Accounts Receivable subsystem is completely integrated with several other subsystems within the application, including Invoicing, General Ledger, Contract Management, Rebates, and Exchanges.
Invoices and credit memos are updated to accounts receivable only after an appropriate audit register is printed. Invoices and credit memos may also be manually posted, along with their general ledger distributions.
Invoices may be associated with an individual customer, or with a specific contract. All reports provide the option of contract sub-totals.
Payment entry is both efficient and flexible. Incoming checks may be distributed against outstanding invoices either manually or automatically. When done by the program, invoices may be selected for payment by date (chronologically) or by contract.
Intercompany transactions, whether arising as a result of invoice posting or payment entry, automatically generate offsetting entries to retain the G/L balance in each company.

Additional Features

  • Daily invoice entry reports, listing all invoices manually posted since the last daily update. Daily reports are produced by invoice, or by general ledger account number (in both detail and summary format).
  • Statement printing, either on a batch basis, or by individual contract or customer. The aging buckets appearing at the bottom of the statement are user-defined.
  • A/R aging report, based on the invoice due date. As with statements, the aging parameters are user-defined and may vary between instances of the report.
  • Accurate historical reports. Statements and the aging report may be printed at any time for a specific date; the results appear as they would have on that date.
  • A powerful inquiry facility, supporting requests by customer or individual contract. Either outstanding or all invoice balances may be chosen, and for any range of dates. A single function key displays payment (and discount) history for an invoice.
  • Manual or automatic discount processing. A history of discounts taken is also retained. Exception reports listing unearned discounts taken, or earned discounts not taken, may be printed for use by the credit department.